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With INAIRS Foam Tips
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Delivering more powerful sound to audio fanatics since 2015
Experience a product quality that has been given the highest ratings
Get the foam tips that were made for your favorite headphones

It’s simple

How does it work?

1. Click GET STARTED to select your headphones and get matching foam tips

2. Get your FOAM TIPS in ear sizes: small, medium or large

3. Put them on your headphones and hear the difference.

The Power of Foam Tips

Your Workout Partner

The heat-activated foam adapts to your ears. Enjoy less pressure and overall weight of the headphones on your ears.

Experience HD Sound

Authentic, clear sound for an immersive listening experience. The foam delivers distortion-free bass and natural tonality.

Turn off Distractions

INAIRS are designed to put the world on mute. Anytime, Anywhere. Silence any noise with advanced noise isolation.


Perfect Match

1. Remove silicon tips

2. Put the INAIRS foam tip on

3. Press together & slide in ear

What our customers say

Unparalleled Customer Service.

If you have ears, you need these.
I ordered the wrong size the first time and they immediately refunded me when I placed a second order
...if that isn’t the best customer service on the planet... you must be from a different planet.


What a revelation!

I've always used the standard supplied silicone tips with my earbuds, but when one went missing recently I thought I'd give something else a try. And what a revelation! They're more comfortable, better sounding, better fitting, better sound isolating than the silicone tips.

Mr. P. Mitchell

I missed the smoke alarm

Ok so I have denon in-ears and I thought I'd give these a shot, put them in a few mins ago and Jesus Christ the sound quality is insane. As for noise cancellation I couldn't hear the smoke alarm for burnt toast so that's an ambiguous win.

J Whyman